Please do not read this blog unless you are over the age of 18 and your parents aren't going to give me shit about it. Thank you.

The 411 + 9

Name: Splifferella Cinders
Gender: Woman!
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.
I had my first puff at age ______: 12
Favorite Place to Smoke in Amsterdam: Grey Area
I smoke: All day, every day if possible. On ocassion...
Legalized? Not in France, but maybe one day soon.
Occupation: Aspiring writer.

I decided to start this blog for smokers like myself to disprove that a) girls don't smoke and b) that smoking is some criminal thing when the only illegal thing I do is smoke weed.

I live in a forest in France with Professor Bongsworth and Dogbus and basically am trying to write a book. This allows me plenty of time to read, write, and well smoke from time to time. (Hold on gonna roll one.) And all in the name of finding inspiration. Well that and the fact that I suffer from life crippling migraines. Maybe it's a placebo - psychological thing that I consider cannabis as a cure for migraines (and numerous other ailments), but considering my migraines used to require Class A narcotics and a hospital stay to get through them, cannabis has helped me feel better and that's why I believe it should be legalized for medical use. Not to mention I've seen it do wonders for people who suffer (much more than me) from Parkinson's, MS, and have used it to increase their appetite while undergoing chemotherapy.

I like to embrace that I'm a "pothead" because not all potheads are sort of brainless, comedic wells of inspiration for stoner films, or useless couch potatoes. Smoking makes me feel closer to nature (especially because I live in a forest) and has as a result made me a more conscientious and environmentally friendly when it comes to how I live my life overall. I recycle more, don't buy things I don't need (I've had the same cell phone for six years), turn off the water in the shower when I don't need it, and have a more healthy lifestyle than I did before I started my cannabis-friendly lifestyle.

That's what my blog is about really. How one can smoke pot and still be a fairly normal (though fairly bohomeian) member of society. Just the other day I didn't give the number of my guy to my 18 year old sister because I don't think she should smoke or at least I shouldn't make it easy for her. I might have had my first couple of puffs at age 12, but I didn't smoke again until I was 26. I have this sort of little nightmare of her smoking away in the residence halls with boys and somehow ending up pregnant...

Check out my blog, recommend me a blog I might like, share your thoughts and comments (even if you're not pro-cannabis anything), and smoke on. Just do so responsibly.