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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Introducing Professor Bongsworth & Dogbus

In order to protect the identity of my co-conspirators, Professor Bongsworth dubs himself thusly and we have dubbed our dog Dogbus.

Professor Bongsworth. (EVIL CACKLE)

Catbus from Totoro whose furry interior was only less creepy than if he didn't have upholstered insides.

Get it? Catbus. Dog. Bus. And yes Dogbus needs to protect her anonymity. She had a hard life on the streets of Rio. Plus Caninebus though brilliant just doesn't roll off the tongue as well. So says Professor Bongsworth. We also decided against Scobby Doobie Do.

Now Professor Bongsworth somehow managed to survive a university level physics department without truly being inducted in the ways of as Dave Chappelle might put it "the sweet, sweet Mary Jane". I managed to change all that, though admittedly we smoked a lot less of the sweet MJ and more of the crap hash cut with soap that was more readily available until The Professor found us a better hook up. No more having to deal with the crazy guys near the bookstore one of whom had lived in New York for a couple of years and thought he was all hardcore (in like a poser kind of way because he was obviously not from the hood) and was a complete crazy asshole.

Seriously the kind of drama we endured for a lump of hash was just wrong. THC is a peace inducer. It demands you avoid stressful situations, drama, and people being dicks. We decided in the end the drama wasn't worth the effort.

I couldn't as someone who smokes imagine having better company. Though that's not to say I don't enjoy a solitary puff from time to time too mostly because Professor Bongsworth just can't hang. But he's getting there.

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