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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Going to Amsterdam!

I'll be blogging from Amsterdam between August 25th - September 14th. I know the city very well having lived there once upon a time and I've already spent nearly 6 weeks in Amsterdam this year already. I'm tacking on another 20 days.

If you're going to Amsterdam, you might want to check out my posts since I'll be blogging about everything I do during my stay including the best places to smoke, eat, hang out, and things to do (well things that are fun to do when you're high in Amsterdam).

In the words of Lonely Island, "I'm on a boat".

Be sure to check back for great tips. On my last trip to Amsterdam I went on a mission to find the best places to smoke in the idea of creating a sort of weed guide to Amsterdam, but the reality is that weed is a bit like wine. It can change a lot from harvest to harvest. But I can tell you the places that consistently have good weed and which places suck like the Grasshopper on Spuistraat which insist you buy at least 25,00 euros worth of weed from them or else you can't even sit down and have a drink/smoke there and which places to avoid because they're tourist traps (like the Bulldog).

I can be quite social when I'm in a coffeeshop too, so some amazing shit happens. Last time I ended up trading a bit of hash I bought at one coffeeshop with someone who worked in another coffeeshop because this bit I found at Rookie's (which despite it's touristy-ness is not too bad a shop) was amazing.

I can't wait for Amsterdam. I just can't.

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