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Monday, August 1, 2011

The 420 ReRoll Leverage S04 E06

Before I started writing this post, I asked Professor Bongsworth to play me some good stoner music. This is not because I believe there is really a genre that could be specifically deemed "stoner" music. It's because some music is better to hear when you've got two spliffs in ya. He played something - a band called Toy (the song was called Rabbit Pushing Mower). It's fucking horrible. He plays Van Morrison (Astral Weeks). Much better until he accidentally advances in iTunes because he's got two spliffs in him too.

Now I love Leverage. When I first heard about the show I thought TNT? What? I mean isn't TNT for Friends reruns and movies that have been edited for time mostly because they have like three hundred commercials? Well it is obviously. But Leverage, starring Timothy Hutton (yeah that guy from the 80's who was somehow sort of always good-looking even though he's not good-looking), is one entertaining show.

So the episode starts with some dick stealing a computer chip from a guy. The guy goes to Nate.

Nate and Sophie decide to get into the guy's house where he has a really creepy safe room (safe rooms are generally supposed to have stuff in them because what's the point of being safe if you have to shit in the corner while you wait for the cops to show up). The chip's the in the safe of course.

Now I won't ruin the episode, but let's just say if you've been watching Leverage thus far, you know it's been a long time since we've seen Elliot get his ass kicked. Well this fight's epic. Elliot vs. Butt Chin and then (I won't ruin it) this amazingly hardcore moment. Elliot is badass.

He should play Jason Bourne. Anyways Elliot goes nutso because he's trying to save the chip stealing dick's adorable daughter (played by Lea Zawada)who is a dead fucking ringer for Bjork.

Bjork. Good luck with the political career.

Here's what Elliot looks like after the fight, but you'll have to watch to see the other guys.

Elliot is so badass he walks in a different dimension than everybody else.
"Harty" and Parker have a lovechild of a sort and you also learn how to beat a couple of carnival games.

Pretty decent episode.

Overall I give it a rating of 8 buds, if only because the August 14th double episode looks like it's going to push the badassery. I'll save the 10 bud rating for that just in case it really pushes the envelope.

You can watch Leverage Sunday nights at 9/8C as they say "Only on TNT".

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