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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The 420 Re-Roll: The Best Reality Show? THE GLEE PROJECT!

It's better than Glee actually and it has nothing to do with the contestants who win a guest spot on Glee and a chance at a role on the show. It's all about Ryan Murphy, Zach Woodlee, Robert Ulrich, and Nikki Anders.

Ryan I take back what I've said about you in the past - you are a doll. Seeing you smile and talk to these kids is one of the best parts of the show. The second best part is Zach Woodlee. Not only do you make dancing look effortless every time you move your body, you come across as this serious but amazing perceptive guy. Ryan is lucky to have you. Robert and Nikki aren't shabby either. Nikki is the Annie Oakley of knowing exactly what to say when someone isn't hitting the notes and Robert is pretty good at giving the show the reality element it needs.

This is no ordinary reality show. It has heart. It has a certain spark to it. Plus, it's musical. If you're not watching this show you are missing out.

The Glee Project is a fun watch. My top choices to win are 1) Samuel (the boy is a star), 2) Hannah (she does fit the theme of Glee best), and 3) Damien (Professor Bongsworth is from Northern Ireland too so I suppose I have a soft spot for Damien because he reminds me of my honey).

If Lindsay wins I will swear off this show forever because she's a bitch.

Watch The Glee Project, trust me. It's brilliant, top notch TV entertainment. Oxygen Network, Sunday night @ 9/8C

Here's Zach, isn't he adorable? I know I'm not his type, but I have a little crush on him and I'd love to boogie with him.

He should get an Emmy for his smile.

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